Saturday, October 4, 2014

Peanut Butter

Before coming to Budapest, I had often heard people say that one of the foods they missed while traveling in Europe was peanut butter. Dan and I assumed we wouldn't be able to find any.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a small jar at the Spar near our apartment.

We both eat it and it does the job, but it's definitely different.  The texture is not as smooth and it actually doesn't spread well.  It seems less sticky than peanut butter in the United States.  For example, when I try to spread it across a banana, it doesn't want to stay on the banana. It can easily fall or be picked off. We did a little bit of researching. The Spar peanut butter has 65% peanuts, various oils, and salt. In the US, there is actually a law that peanut butter must be at least 90% peanuts. No wonder. The Spar peanut butter is not even as good as the cheapest off brand of peanut butter at home. We heard that there are a few places in Budapest that have imported some peanut butter. It's part of the "foreign food" selection. Maybe we'll have the chance to get some while we're here.

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