Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Although the music of Frigyes Hidas is interesting on its own, I aim to demonstrate its relevance by placing it in a larger context. One way that I will do this is by examining the works of other Hungarian composers who lived and wrote at the same time as Hidas.  Although I cannot give as much attention to these composers, it is important for me to know about Hidas' contemporaries.  Rather than compare Hidas' oeuvre to his contemporaries, I have decided to focus on one of the standard brass ensembles, the brass quintet.  A brass quintet includes two trumpets, one horn, one trombone, and one tuba.  So far, I have found at least ten other brass quintets composed by Hungarian composers around the same that Hidas' quintets were composed. I look forward to sharing how these pieces compare and contrast to Hidas' brass quintets.  Here are some of the other composers I will study:

Sándor Szokolay (1931-2013)
László Kalmár (1931-1995)
Miklós Kocsár (b.1933)
Kamilló Lendvay (b.1928)
István Láng (b.1933)
Sándor Balassa (b.1935)

With each of these composers, there are many opportunities for further study. Hopefully I can research their brass works in the future as well!

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