Tuesday, October 7, 2014


It must be two-post Tuesday.  There are just too many good things to share.  Today, Dan and I got haircuts.  Hajvágás = haircut in Hungarian. It was an interesting experience. We found a place right near our apartment so we decided to go there. Yesterday, we stopped in to ask about making an appointment. I used my Hungarian phrasebook and we were able to get a time for today. As we went today, we were armed with the phrasebook, our dictionary, and pictures of what we wanted our hair to look like just in case. All in all, it worked out well. To me, the neatest part was watching the guy cut my hair.  It was different than at home.  After my hair was washed, he combed my hair straight up. Then he would cut the ends diagonally.  He did this for a while. When it was almost done, he would brush all of my hair into a tight tight ponytail.  He twisted the ponytail and then pulled up and away from the back of my head. My hair would fall out of the twist and then he used his fingers to pull the front forward into the style.  I've never seen this done before.  I don't know much about haircutting techniques but I like the final product.  I'm sure we'll go again sometime while we're here. Here is the final look!

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