Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tanulok magyarul.

I'm still learning Hungarian every day.  One of the hardest parts so far is that English is still so prominent in my life.  Dan and I can speak English to each other in our apartment.  I can read my email and favorite websites in English.  Maybe I just need to take an all or nothing approach to really immerse myself in Hungarian. This morning was a treat when I turned on tv.  On of my absolute favorite shows, Gilmore Girls, was on in Hungarian. The good part is that I already know what the words are in English so it's easier to guess the Hungarian.  I found several video clips online so I'm planning to watch these as part of my study. I'm sure it will be tough to do. ;)  But seriously, I think that what I need most is to frequently hear the phrasing, rhythm, and pitch to the Hungarian language. I have the sounds and the words, I just need to put them together to make the music that is magyarul.

FYI - Tanulok magyarul means "I'm learning/studying Hungarian." If you use Google translate, it says that magyarul is English. This is completely wrong.

Here are a few clips that I have enjoyed.

This is when Dave reads the entire Bible in one night in order to ask Lane to the prom.

This is when Kirk gets a cat and names it Kirk. He doesn't see any problem with the choice of name.

If you want to watch it in English, Gilmore Girls is going to be on Netflix starting in October. I highly recommend it!

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