Wednesday, September 24, 2014


In addition to music, I love all things cute! Puppies, kitties, red pandas, you name it. One thing that I love here in Budapest is that it's a city of dogs. They are everywhere. Plus, they are amazingly well behaved. Many are not on a leash and they are rarely distracted from their owner. I can hardly believe it. Anyway, one of my favorite websites, had a post about dogs from around the world today. You can see it here.Unfortunately, they did not include dogs from Hungary so I'm going to do that here. Here are a few of the super cute dogs from Hungary.

The Vizsla
Super cute with red fur, this is definitely a sporting dog. I've heard that they're very clean and they don't stink. This is a good thing because they're a family dog that likes to be on your lap as well.

The Komondor
This dog is like a large mop. The Komondor's fur naturally grows into cords/dreadlocks.

The Puli
Though very similar to the Komondor, the Puli is a different breed. It looks like a miniature Komondor, or a little mop. Both dogs are great herding dogs. Komondors are typically white and Pulis are typically black.

Here you can see the two side by side.

The Kuvasz
This is another large dog that was originally used for herding. 

Since we've been here, I have seen several vizslas and pulis. They are so cute! I hope this gives you a taste of what I get to see every day on the street. :)


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