Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Csokoládé....chocolate in Hungarian. Mmmmm. Chocolate is basically my favorite food. Naturally, I couldn't go without it here in Hungary. Dan and I have been trying all sorts of chocolate, mostly in the form of candy bars. One of the best things is that many of the candy bars here are closer to the size of bars of baking chocolate or those extra special large bars that you can find in the candy section at home. I already have a few favorites. We especially like by the Milka brand. This brand started in Switzerland during the early 19th century. Milk and cocoa are the main ingredients and their icon is a purple cow. Here is one of my favorites that we have had.

Let me say, the Milka Chips Ahoy is one of the best things I have ever eaten. Yum!!!! It's very very good. 

My other favorite is special because it is native to Hungary....the Túró Rudi. This little candy bar is amazing because it's sweet, chocolatey, and unique. One problem with this bar is that everyone seems to translate it incorrectly. Maybe our English language just can't describe how good it is. The first time I had a Túró Rudi was when I came to Hungary last summer in 2013. I was told that it was 'chocolate covered cottage cheese.' About to gag, I decided to go ahead and tried it. I'm glad I did because I loved it. The inside of the bar is túró cheese which is nothing like cottage cheese. They add a slight citrus flavor and the cheese is covered in dark chocolate. I love it. The worst part is that it is a refrigerated candy so it's not something you can bring back to the US, otherwise I would have done that. So, I'll just have to eat as much as I can here! The bonus element is that it also comes in different flavors. We've tried the original (dark chocolate), and the milk chocolate covering. They also have fillings. For these we've tried the strawberry and the black currant. My favorites are the original and the black currant. If you're interested, I think it's worth the trip to Hungary. :) 


Black Currant: 

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