Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas in Hungary - Music

Unlike the United States, in Hungary the Christmas music and decorations do not come out until December.  For about the past few weeks we have been able to hear Christmas music throughout the city. We have heard music in stores and throughout the Christmas markets. This music has covered a wide range of styles.  For example, I heard the techno version of Silent Night in an electronics store called Media Markt.  Other songs are played in a variety of languages and styles.

When we had our Fulbright Christmas party, we sang three songs as a group. The First Noel and Joy to the World were two classics that Dan and I already knew. Our third song was a Hungarian Christmas carol, Pásztorok, Pásztorok.  We enjoyed learning this song! 

Here is a recording:

There are many Christmas songs and carols in Hungary and it is hard to share all of them. Here are a few that I wanted to share.

Az angyal énekel
This song is set to the tune of the song we know as "Good Christian Men Rejoice." The lyrics are as follows:
Az angyal énekel,
Tekints az égre fel:
Napvilágos lett az éj,
Meghasadt az ég,
És a Második Személy
Most földre lép.
Mézet ont az ég!

Az angyal így dalol
A fényes ég alól:
,,Istenünknek glória
A mennyekbe fenn!''
Véle mondja Mária,
Véle Betlehem.
Mondjunk glóriát!

Krisztus urunknak áldott születésén
This is a protestant Christmas carol. Enjoy!

Száncsengő csilingel
This is a pop song for Christmas.

I hope these songs are something new for you to experience and I hope they can give you a taste of Christmas music in Hungary. 

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