Friday, January 30, 2015

Cat Cafe!

Last weekend, I finally got to visit a place which has been on my list all year...the Cat Cafe! I have heard about cat cafes on one of my favorite websites: Cafes where you can pet animals are very popular in Japan. There are two in Budapest but I hadn't had a chance to visit because Dan is allergic to cats. I was finally able to go with one of my Fulbright friends, Caitlin, because we were both desperately missing our pets. Here is a picture of my baby, Puddy Tat.  I like to think that she is pondering the complexities of the universe in this picture....ha!

Although I miss my Puddy, I was happy to spend some times with the cats here in Budapest. The Cat Cafe has about 12 cats total and they were all beautiful. The cats can roam the rooms and sit or lie down wherever they like. Unfortunately, we didn't have any cats join us at our table so we went to them. There were many cat trees and other places for the cats to play and sleep. Here are a few of the cats we saw.

One of the best things about the cat cafe was the similarity to a regular cafe. The menu had a large number of choices for drinks and desserts. I had peanut butter hot chocolate and a peanut cake. Both were delicious. They also sell treats which you can give to the cats. I bought one treat and I gave it to the large orange main coon in the picture just above.  The cafe was also large and exceptionally clean. It is up to the customer to decide how close they want to be to the cats. You can sit at a table, a couch, or even on the floor. I definitely plan to return to the Cat Cafe while I'm here. Here is their website:  Make sure to check this place out if you're in Budapest!

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