Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anniversary Celebration!

On January 19, Dan and I celebrated our six month wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful time exploring new and favorite parts of Budapest. For breakfast, we had a delicious chocolate croissant.

For lunch we decided to try a Persian restaurant. It was a neat experience. The wall-to-wall decorations made us feel like we were in a new part of the world. We had rose water and mint tea to drink with our chicken and rice.

Around sunset, we took a stroll along the Danube and watched the lights come on on the bridges, castle, and fisherman's bastion. It was lovely.

Here we are by the Parliament.

For supper, we went to a restaurant, well more like the experience, called Sir Lancelot.  It's food and a show all in one. When we entered, we had to go downstairs to a long dining hall filled with long wooden tables. The restaurant was packed. We decided to order the sampler platter for two people. We had chicken, pork, goose, and beef with sides of potatoes, corn on the cob, and pickles. We had to eat with our hands but everything was delicious.

Dan and I also enjoyed the performances. Shortly after we arrived, there was a sword fight and short play about fighting for a damsel. There was also a belly dancer and a fire twirler. Throughout the remainder of the time, Renaissance style music was playing. The meal was delicious and we had an extremely fun time.  Just to test the size of our stomachs, we had a delicious chocolate cake at home. 

We had a wonderful celebration and we're looking forward to many more celebrations to come.

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