Thursday, January 29, 2015


One of my favorite new flavors that I have tasted in Hungary has been bodza. Bodza is Hungarian for elber berry. As Harry Potter fans know, the Elder Wand is made from the same plant that produces elder berries. Just as the Elder Wand was the most powerful and magical wand, I believe that bodza is one of the best and most magical flavors. I love it! Most of the time, I have had the bodza flavor in beverages. Here are a few we have tried at home.

On the far left and in the middle, we had two types of bodza pop. The pop in the middle is flavored by the elder flower. Second from the left is a bottle from bodza lemonade. This is the most common bodza flavor that I've had. I've had bodza lemonade in many restaurants. Second from the right is a bottle of bodza flower syrup. Syrup is not something we have in the US. This bottle can be used to make several liters of flavored beverage. All you do is pour a small amount, maybe a centimeter or less in the bottom of a large glass, and you fill the remainder of the glass with plain or sparkling water. It's great! We have tried raspberry and bodza syrup and I know I will miss them when returning home. On the far right is an elderflower tea. One of the things that I like about the bodza flavor is that it is sweet but light and refreshing. I highly recommend it to anyone who can try it.

Finally, we haven't seen many foods with the bodza flavor but they do exist. Our landlord gave us some bodza honey that his brother made. It is very delicious. I haven't been one to eat honey frequently before but I'm now finding many new ways to eat it.

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