Monday, March 9, 2015

Concerto Heavy Metal II

On February 13, Dan and I went to the second Concerto Heavy Metal concert presented by Concerto Budapest. We went to the first concert in November and you can read about that concert here. This time, the featured instrument was the trombone. The most exciting part about the concert was the double trombone concerto by Hidas! It was my favorite piece on the program.

Folke Rabe - Basta for trombone solo
Leopold Mozart - Concerto for Alto Trombone
Thom Ritter George - Concerto for Bass Trombone
Eugene Bozza - Ballade
Hidas Frigyes - Kettősverseny tenor- és basszusharsonára
P.Mascagni - Intermezzo
Dubrovay László - Boszorkány-galopp
Mazura János - Páva
Zarándy Ákos - Breath Metal

We enjoyed the concert because it had a great variety of styles and ensembles. The music ranged from soloist to brass quintet to full orchestra. I have really enjoyed these concerts focusing on brass instruments. I think it would be something which would work well in the United States. The horn concert is coming up soon and we're looking forward to attending.

For your enjoyment, here is a recording of the Hidas piece with piano accompaniment.

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