Saturday, March 28, 2015

Liszt Academy of Music

Every month, we have a Fulbright event and our March event was a trip to the Liszt Academy of Music.  
The school is named after the famous pianist, composer, and educator Liszt Ferenc (or more commonly Franz Liszt).  He helped start the Academy in 1875.  During our visit, we toured the building and learned about the history of the school.  The building was recently refurbished and it looks beautiful.  Many parts of the building feature Zsolnay tiles and designs from Pécs.  In this picture, you can see one of the many dark blue/purple globes. 

On the front of the building sits a large statue of Liszt.  It's actually quite high up and we were able to see the statue up close. 

The concert hall is definitely the most beautiful part of the building.  Everything is golden and intricate.  Here is a picture of the organ and a large picture of the hall itself.

During our visit, we also watched two current students in a piano lesson.  Afterward, we went across the street for a delicious lunch at the Seasons Bistro.  Our March event was another success! Thank you to the Hungarian Fulbright Commission for all of these wonderful opportunities to learn.

Enjoy this famous piece by Liszt, "Hungarian Rhapsody No.2," performed at the Liszt Academy. 

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