Sunday, November 23, 2014

Iszom Coke (I drink Coke).

In Hungary, there are many things to drink. Drinks are called üdítő. Hungary's most famous drinks are probably all alcohol (wines, palinka, unicum). My favorites are non alcoholic drinks...usually the sweetest ones. I love the variety of lemonades available. My favorite is elderberry lemonade. I'm not quite sure how to describe it but it is delicious. There are even various flavors of milk. The other day, Dan and I tried caramel milk. I suggested we microwave it and put hot chocolate mix in it. That was one of my better ideas. It tasted great. There are a variety of pops as well. Almost everywhere serves Coke. Diet Coke is called Coca-cola Light here. They also have Coke Zero. The grocery stores have some Pepsi but not much and only a few restaurants serve Pepsi. Let me make it clear that when I say they serve Coke or Pepsi, they only serve Coke or Pepsi. They don't serve the other products made by Coke or Pepsi. No Sprite, Sierra Mist, Moutain Dew, etc. We've tried several flavors of the Schweppes brand of pop. I think they are very unique. My favorite has been the Lemon Mint. I also enjoy the flavors of Fanta. In my opinion, the Peach Mango is the best flavor of Fanta.

For those who want to warm up, there are many opportunities to drink coffee or tea. I prefer tea. During orientation week, I had my first taste of fruit tea. Now I'm hooked. This kind of tea is all fruit flavor, not a black or green tea with fruit flavoring. My first cup was at a restaurant and it looked like a hot glass of bright red Kool-aid. It was sweet, fruity, and perfect. Sometimes I add a little extra sugar and it's even better.

The other main drink of choice for us is water. At home we drink a lot of water because it's safe to drink right out of the sink.  It's clean and it tastes great.

As a picture for today, I wanted to share this Christmas tree. We saw this at the West End Mall near Nyugati train station in Budapest. The entire tree is Coke. Coke ribbons and Coke cans as the ornaments. It was neat to see but it was another reminder of the prominence of Coke.

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