Sunday, February 8, 2015


A few weekends back, Dan and I went to the Budapest Bábszínház, the puppet theater. It was an amazing performance. I had never seen a professional puppet show in my life. This show was much more than I could have imagined. 

We chose to see Misi Mókus Vándorúton (Misi Squirrel on the wandering road). We chose this show because Dan loves squirrels and because it was for ages 3+, the appropriate Hungarian vocabulary level for us. The show was incredibly cute and fun. It was a story about a family of squirrels who is storing up nuts for the winter when suddenly the nuts are stolen. Misi travels across Africa and meets many animals on his adventure. The dialogue was cute and it had a lot of rhymes, and there were also several songs. One neat thing about the seats in the theater was that they fold up. They not only fold up to create a pathway between the rows, but the folded seats serve as booster seats for the children. Believe me, the theater was packed with children. We could tell that they loved the show as much as we did. We weren't able to take pictures during the performance but they had photos up in the hallway from the original productions in 1961. The same puppets were used in the performance we saw.

Misi meeting a tiger.

Misi with an elephant and a giraffe. 

Misi and his squirrel family.

During the intermission, we joined the rest of the audience for treats. We have noticed that at performances here in Budapest, everyone leaves the performance hall during intermission. We tried two new types of candy which were delicious and fun. We first had cola-flavored Candy Caviar.

Then we had blue raspberry Frutta Spray candy. It's clear why these fun candies were so popular with the children!

I think the Bábszínház was amazing. Hopefully we can attend another performance in the future. 

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