Monday, December 15, 2014

Photography Day!

On Friday December 5, several of the Hungarian Fulbrighters got together to tour the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center and the Hungarian House of Photography in Mai Manó House. These two locations are the affiliations of one of the current Fulbrighters, Kelly. Our first stop was the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center.  In this building, they offer a variety of exhibits. We first entered a room with photos from a project about Hungarians who have moved to America. I thought these photos were very interesting because they showed how cultures can be blended. Across the hall was a large collection of items shown as the original release and user-modified versions.  Many of these items moved beyond photography to digital projection and virtual reality. For example, they had items such as Google Glass and a Wii compared with the "hack" version where someone has used the same technology for a different purpose. It was a very neat exhibit. Dan and I both wish we could have spent more time exploring everything they had to offer.

Next, we went to the Hungarian House of Photography in Mai Manó House. This building was amazing.

Mai Manó was an important Hungarian photographer of the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. His house, shown above, has eight floors, complete with the natural light photography studio (on the third floor with the large windows). The house itself was amazing but the exhibits were even better.  The exhibits included Mai Manó's work plus an collection of new photographs using old techniques.  Kelly also shared her research with us in the library.

Our afternoon photography tour was a wonderful outing! I have never known much about photography but this tour opened my eyes to the history and artistry of it. I hope I can learn more about photography in the future. To conclude, here is a silly picture of me and Dan from the tour. 

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